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31' Trimaran with Swing Arm Connectives

31' trimaran in composite with swing arm connectives.
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This 31' trimaran uses swing arms to reduce its beam overall to 140" (3.55m).  It can be trailered with the beams off at 100" (2.55m )wide.  Construction is foam/glass.  

There are already many swing arm trimarans for sale.  This design needed to have significant improvements.  It does.  It has the big amas that this office is known for.  It has edgy styling that is possible because the form is not designed to fit around mold flanges.  The beams rotate around large diameter plastic rudder bushings for tugboats.  That reduces the point loads.  The conective beams are carbon fiber.  Seastays are not needed so the ride is clean.  The amas slide forward in the "in" position so the length overall is not increased.  Notice the second top view above.

Length overall: 30'11" (9.44m)
Beam: 25'-9" (7.88 m)
Draft: 1'-4"/7'-10" (0.4/2.4 m)
Weight: 2.550 lb (1.157 kg)
Displacement: 3.950 lb (1.792 kg)
Sail Area m 380 sf (35.3 sq m)
j  122 sf (11.33 sq m)
s  670 sf (62.3 sq m)
upwind 502 sf (47.6 sq m)


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