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Special Projects

Lunar Lander 

A composite full size replica of the Lunar Lander.
The mission is to build a line of habitable space landers providing creature comforts with low impact on the land and high amazement factor.

Unit #1 will be placed a few miles from where the Apollo astronauts used to train for moon missions.

Inside find an open space, with external modules for bath, galley, breakfast nook and storage.

On top is a clear geodesic dome .

A foam/glass cover can be used to keep extreme heat or cold out of the dome.

Down inside is a soft lounging pit with the bed.

On one side is an outside deck.

The systems are placed in the hexagon ring that the living space rests on.

The Lunar Lander can rest comfortably on drastic, uneven terrain.

These off-the-grid outposts will use the latest marine technology to afford a strong, light, and easily maintained structure.

After the prototype Lunar Lander is built, a line of other larger models will follow.

see whenever I can get to it.


Order the Composite Technology Tiny House Construction Manual here. 29 pages PDF delivered via email.

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Full Plans include engineer and building department stamped plans.

Tiny House Construction Manual $10
Study plans:  $50
Full plans:  $500

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All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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