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The Multihull Studio

71' Tri w/ Flared Main Hull

A generous 71' world cruising composite trimaran.

This trimaran was designed to combine the experience of a wide open living room on the water that a big cat has, with the superior manuverability and upwind work that a tri gives. It was initiated by a client in Portugal, but was not actually built. This would be an amazing yacht to own. The owner can gaze out the picture windows like a cat has, but it will outperform the same size cat in the nasty stuff. The original design had a conservative rig size. I would be pleased to revise it to the hot.

Construction is foam/glass. A larger 4 series Yanmar provides power when the wind dies, though this unit will sail much better than a cat in those light conditions.

Length overall: 70'-9" (21.56 m)
Length at waterline: 70'-0" (21.34 m)
Beam: 56'-8" (17.31 m)
Draft: 3'-1"/8'-4" (0.89/4.19 m)
Weight: 27.034 lb (12.264 kg)
Displacement: 44.696 lb (20.274 kg)
Sails - main: 1,383 sqft (128.5 sqm )
blade: 439 sqft (40.8 sqm )
spinnaker: 1,424 sqft (132.3 sqm )
upwind: 1,822 sqft (169.3 sqm)


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Bid sets:  $500
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