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Sailing multihull preferences

If you could answer these questions and forward the answers to me to help start the design process.

How long should be between charging batteries, once a day, twice a day, two days?

Singlehanding needed?

Shorttacking is fun

The sole should be flat

In light weather the boat should power if speed falls below 5 knots?

Dining seats must be face to face?

Galley should be out of traffic?

Head area should be separate?

All winches should be hand powered?

Transom steps?

Boat should be able to be beached?

Kickup rudders?

Shoal draft important?

Unobstructed inside headroom is important

Leangth of trips planned?

Motor noise?

Sea noise?

Weight/cost tradeoffs

Resale is important?

Interior style? Old yacht-eurostyle-plastic boat style-mega yacht style

Reefing gear type

Frequency of anchoring intended

Frequency of tacking and trimming intended

Racing intended

Helm should be covered from weather

Good raingear is all that is needed

Trimming quality verses helmstation comfort tradeoffs

Most time under sail will be spent where?

Most time at anchor will be spent where?

Previous boats?

Previous voyages?

Previous races?

How important is boatspeed?

Boatspeed verses comfort tradeoffs


Examples of best multi you have seen

Examples of worst multi that you have seen

Number of persons expected on most or typical voyages, and relationship of those people

Most work will be upwind or downwind

Rotating mast or not

Fractional rig or not

Fuel choice, why?

Engine choice, why?

How good should paint job be?

Are there any other questions that i should have asked, but forgot to?


All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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