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The Plans

These are real plans on full D- and E-size sheets, not tiny little "cookbooks" where a designer saves a few pennies on printing costs. These sets are big and are laid out clearly and logically. You get to see the whole boat at once.

Image: real boat plans for serious builders
An "Inspiration Wall." Download this PDF file (2MB) for a detailed sample of one of my plans. You'll need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Most modern multihulls of each type have surprisingly similar hull forms and materials. The big differences between these and the others are elsewhere - in managing change. Not only in how the designs keep up with technology, but how they can be adapted and kept flexible. 

The multihull plans of the future will tailor the boat to the client’s individual needs. The era of a designer’s ego-driven quest for a "look" or "any design you want, just so it is one of these three" is passing. The plans have to be easily adaptable. 

Why build your own boat instead of having someone do it for you? This PDF tells you why.

Plans that are "works of art" or immutable "cookbooks" lock builders into a past where fitting the boat to the owner was not done; rather it was the other way around. I aim to make the plans easily and clearly adjustable. They can be changed at a reasonable cost; in fact, I expect them to be changed. 

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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