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Rapid-Construction Multihulls

32' D-32 Trailerable Trimaran

32' trailerable cruising trimaran, in developed plywood and composite.
This demountable 32' trimaran can be built in developed plywood or composite materials.  Even if built with ply/epoxy, it uses core materials to make the large panels stiff.  It is a smaller derivation of the similar 38 tirmaran.

This tri has full standing headroom down below.  It also has a pass-through gets one crawl back into the aft cabin without having to open a hatch on top.

The connectives are the old stand-by of aluminum tubes and stainless steel wire.  That speeds up construction considerably.  The tubes can be one piece, or a pair front and back, to slide past one another.  That lets the tri get skinny in a marina.  Unlike a folder, it can be kept that way on the water.

Notice that this tri has the usual KHSD features to make it perform and maneuver; a deep board, big rudder,  big amas way out there, and top notch sail  handling arrangements. 

From the side it does look a bit like a freighter, but it packs a lot of features into a small boat.  Many plan sets have been sold of this design. 

d32Sailg.gif (178168 bytes)d32TOPg.gif (187847 bytes)d32intg.gif (77531 bytes)d32linesg.gif (77191 bytes)
Length overall: 32'-3" (9.83 m)
Length at waterline: 31'-9" (9.68 m)
Beam: 27'-9" (8.46 m)
Draft: 1'-2"/7'-1" (.35/2.16 m)
Weight: 2.650 lb (1.202 kg)
Displacement: 4.186 lb (1899 kg)
Sails - Main: 381 sqft. (35.4 sqm.)
Blade: 131 sqft. (13.1 sqm.)
Spinnaker: 675 sqft. (72.6 sqm.)
Genoa: 210 sqft. (19.5 sqm.)


Study plans:  $100
Email Study Plans:  $50
Full plans:  $2400

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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