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Rapid-Construction Multihulls


Paul and Barbara sailing their 40' cylinder-molded catamaran around the world.

This line-up of multihulls has been given particular attention toward ease of construction.

That does not mean kludge vessels, with no upwind ability and no grace in a seaway. It does mean putting my and my builders' experience to work, using their tips plus the best industrial processes combined in these designs.

Remember that boat plywood is already smooth, strong and easy to bend fair. Most parts of most of these multihulls are built with variations of stitch-and-glue construction. Cylinder-molding (in html) or cylinder-molded (pdf) technology is ideal for these projects.

Core materials are used wherever possible to stiffen the shapes.

These designs provide superior multihulls with the least amount of construction work.

23' Trailerable Trimaran
26' Proa
30' D-30 Trailerable Trimaran
30' D-30 Aft-Cabin Trailerable Trimaran
32' D-32 Trailerable Trimaran
36' Cruising Catamaran
37' Cruising Trimaran
38' Demountable Trimaran
38' Catamaran
40' Cruising Trimaran
42' Cruising Catamaran
43' Bridgedeck Catamaran
43' Cruising Trimaran

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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