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Charter Multihulls

Yellow Bird, then operating in Biloxi, Mississippi.

This office has been a leader in developing one of the largest fleets of USCG certified multihull charter-boat in the world.

We offer a full line of USCG-certified multihulls and the experience in working with the Coast Guard to get them certified. More than 25 years ago, Kurt Hughes Sailing Designs was the first design office to show that a charter cat was more than just a cruising boat with seats bolted to the deck. We have been among the leaders in listening to the needs of charter multihull owners and specifying the boats that are required to fit those needs. If you need to have your charter boat certified, submittal to the Coast Guard by Kurt will be charged an additional 20% of plans price.

These designs may also be very rapidly built. Some are available in developed ply/epoxy CM, some are built using rapid composite hull building technology and some designs can be built with both. See also the rapid house cabin build methods.

The large number of existing KHSD charter designs mean that owners can often use USCG Sister Ship to speed the certification process of their own projects.

Also look in the ferries and power sections.

This is a partial list of charter operators are using KHSD multihulls for excursions.  Contact me to put your KHSD charter cat on this list also.
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32' Power Ferry
32' Power Limousine Cat
seabreezecloseup.jpg (262696 bytes) 34' Power Catamaran
36chcat_3.jpg (278404 bytes) 36' Day Charter Catamaran
38' Power Catamaran Ferry
42' Day Charter Motorsail Catamaran
sun42_6.jpg (304560 bytes) 42' Day Charter Catamaran
46chcatg.gif (428347 bytes) 46' Day Charter Catamaran
46chcat2g.gif (399364 bytes) 46' Day Charter Catamaran
48' Day Charter Catamaran
yb48chcat1g.gif (196000 bytes) YellowBird 48 Daycharter
55chcatg.gif (254084 bytes) 55' Day Charter Catamaran
55' Day Charter Motorsailer Cat
56chcat6.JPG (105000 bytes) 56' Day Charter Catamaran
58cat_1.jpg (1962671 bytes) 58' Day Charter Catamaran
60MCHCA1.JPG (89283 bytes) 60' Day Charter Power Catamaran
60' Term Charter Catamaran
61' Day Charter Power Catamaran
65' Day Charter Catamaran
sc65_3.jpg (122386 bytes) 65' Day Charter Catamaran
65chcatg.gif (291508 bytes) 65' Aluminum Day Charter Catamaran
65tchcat_2.jpg (184336 bytes) 65' Term Charter Catamaran
65mschcatsail.GIF (26625 bytes) 65' Day Charter Motorsail Cat
75' Term Charter Catamaran
85' Term Charter Catamaran
150' Trimaran Ferry

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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