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Special Projects

An airmobile freighter proposal

Some interesting special projects that are not bread and butter cats and tris.

These are listed in no particular order except when they occurred to me


P5050005.JPG (179549 bytes) J46 Emergency Steering
Edited sub photo.jpg (79783 bytes) S44 Submarine Replica
kevin48_3.jpg (192124 bytes) Kevin's 48 Catamaran
CHAAK21.JPG (57796 bytes) Searunner 40 Upgrade
lem1.jpg (114935 bytes) Composite Lunar Lander 
Photo de construction 092.jpg (154550 bytes) Dragonfly 25 High Performance Amas
PROA6.JPG (172815 bytes) 23' Power Proa
26_4BWpsp2.jpg (107039 bytes) 26' Electric Launch 
inpsp4.jpg (71001 bytes) 140' Freighter 
cargopsp12.jpg (56252 bytes) 235' Sailing Catamaran Cargo Ship
psp4.jpg (4849 bytes) 40' Container Shunter
psp88.jpg (104161 bytes) 4 Place Airmobile
psp2.jpg (32751 bytes) "Pickup Truck" Airmobile
More Special Projects

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