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Power Multihulls


These low-drag powerboats give a much better ride and require far less power than other types for target speeds of up to 2.5 to 3.0 times the vessel's hull speed. Excellent economy, a superior ride, and a more extensive cruising range are possible with these displacement multihulls.

Some of those catamaran powerboats are simply regular single hull powercats with the middle of the hull chopped out. While that may be slightly better than the single-hulled boat, it is still not quite right. Multihull powerboaters need to be able to take advantage of our fresh look at what the problems really are and what the best solution might be. Often by taking what we know about low drag hulls for sailboats, and applying it to power boats, a better power multihull results. See this article on displacement powercats.

If higher speed is desired, then planing hulls become the better choice. Many of the cats can use either displacement or planing hulls depending on the speed to be optimized.

Some power multihulls can also be found in the charter section

46' power catamaran.

21' Power Cat
28' Power Cat
32' Power Cat
32' Power Ferry
38' Trimaran Trawler
40' Cruising Power Catamaran
44' power cat 44' Green Hybrid Catamaran
46' Cruising Catamaran
50' Cat Trawler
60' Cruising Trimaran
61' Day Charter Power Catamaran
85' Term Charter Catamaran

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