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Designs Underway Now

Many new designs are in various stages of completion on the computers here at any given time.  Some of these designs could become stock plans in the future.

12' Production Trimaran
20'/21' Production Catamaran Shuttle
26' Cruising Catamaran
psp1.jpg (72376 bytes) 40'  Offshore Racing Trimaran
sport43.jpg (106071 bytes) 43' Sportfishing Catamaran
49' Cruising Catamaran
44' Power Cruising Catamaran
psp16_a.jpg (94931 bytes) 52' Cruising Catamaran
65' Passenger Ferry for Lake Victoria
m14_c.jpg (100996 bytes) 85' Ocean Liner Catamaran

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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