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Daysailer Multihulls

12' Cartop Trimaran

A speedy 12' single seat trimaran in stitch & glue plywood.
Roger let me use his modified toy for an afternoon in the Keys. I got to zoom around at speeds like riding a bicycle.  I wish I owned one.  I can think of hundreds of lakes and bays that I would explore.  Ok, it might be a little big to cartop for some people.  Roger used a trailer, a small one though.

In the harbor picture below, a 12' tri leads a kayaking class and performs mothership duties.

Rigs and sails from similar sized beachcats, like the Hobie Wave have proven very successful and can be very inexpensive.

The plans come with full sized patterns.

12'tri_1g.gif (261106 bytes) 12tri2g.gif (272302 bytes) kayakg.gif (161437 bytes) 12TRI_21.JPG (66215 bytes)

12'trisailg.gif (82153 bytes) 12'tritopg.gif (36423 bytes) 12'clsecg.gif (38588 bytes) 12'triforeg.gif (13585 bytes)

Length overall: 12' (3.66 m)
Beam: 10' (3 m)
Weight: 160 lb (73 kg)
Sails: main 48 aqft. (4.6 sqm.)
jib: 20 sqft (1.86 sqm.)
total: 68 sqft. (6.32 sqm)


Email study plans:  $50
Full plans:  $300

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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