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New Designs

31' Trimaran with Sliding Connectives

31' Trimaran in composite, with sliding connectives.
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This sliding arm trimaran is based on an earlier work, the CSA31.  It combines the best of Italian interior design with rigorous laminate design.  The sliding tube design draws from the earlier Trikala work.   The alloy tubes slide on teflon cleats to give an "in" beam of 12'-0" (3.66m), excellent for mooring in a marina.  This design has a very innovative interior arrangement with a private head space, and a very large galley.


Length overall: 30'11" (9.44m)
Beam: 26'-6" (8.08 m)
Draft: 1'-4"/7'-10" (0.4/2.4 m)
Weight: 2.250 lb (1.020 kg)
Displacement: 3.950 lb (1.792 kg)
Sail Area m 380 sf (35.3 sq m)
j  122 sf (11.33 sq m)
s  670 sf (62.3 sq m)
upwind 502 sf (47.6 sq m)


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