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New Designs

56' Catamaran w/Aero Rig

56' Catamaran in composite with Aero Rig
This 56' Catamaran combines unmatched single-handing ease and safety with brisk performance.  Construction is foam/glass sandwich.  The main salon provides complete visibility without the interruption of trusses or other shear webs.  The design has four generous staterooms.  The flared hulls provide more inside volume without the drag of the usual fat hulls found in popular production cats.  A second one is being built in Hawaii. This design is a proven world cruiser. Unit #1 just finished a lap around the Pacific. See more at Aero56.
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Length overall: 56'-4" (17.16 m)
Beam: 31'-8" (9.69 m)
Draft: 2'-0"/10'-0" (.61/3.0 m)
Weight: 22.500 lb (10,206  kg)
Displacement: 29.550 lb (13,390  kg)
Sails-m: 943 sqft. (87.6 sqm.)
jib: 235 sqft. (21.8 sqm.)
total: 1,178 sqft. (109.4 sqm.)


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