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Passenger Ferries

60' Passenger Ferry Catamaran

A 60' power passenger ferry catamaran in composite. 85-passenger "SEA BUS."
This 60' power passenger ferry catamaran design was USCG certified to operate in Saipan as a dinner cruise vessel in protected waters. It would also make a perfect short run passenger ferry or shuttle.  With higher freeboard it could be certified as partially protected.

It is built of foam/glass composite. It is certified for 85-passengers.  The "SEA BUS" has twin 100 hp outboard motors for best cost and maintenance.  Inboard diesels could be easily added.

60catferrytop.gif (36776 bytes)60catferryint.gif (52209 bytes)60catferryside.gif (44108 bytes)60catferrysec.gif (34783 bytes)
Length overall: 60'-0" (18.29m)
Length at waterline: 59'-7" (18.1m)
Beam: 22'- 0" (6.7m)
Draft: 2'-0" (0.71m)
Weight: 19,202 lb (8,710 kg)
Displacement: 40,830 lb (18,520 kg)
Bridgedeck: 2'-7" (0.8m)


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