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The Multihull Studio

38' Catamaran

38' composite performance catamaran.

This 38' catamaran is an upgrade from the earlier plywood epoxy model. Both of the designs share ease of handling and protection for the crew in hideous conditions. Instead of two sets of winches and lines, only one set in the middle is needed. This kind of cat, with most of the accommodations in the middle, is a very inexpensive way to get lots of fast waterline. The rigidity of the structure helps performance the same way that a rigid bicycle frame helps performance there. This model has higher freeboard than the earlier model, and the heads are in both hulls. The crew would use the uphill one. The main cabin has full sitting headroom.

The beams are carbon fiber and the hulls can be foam/carbon or foam/glass depending on budget. The rig has the fully battened rotating main that is expected these days. This will be a high performance racer or a low budget cruiser.

Length overall: 38'-0" (11.6 m)
Length at waterline: 37'-10" (11.55 m)
Beam: 26'-3" (8.0 m)
Draft: 1'-1"/6'-1" (.33/1.86 m)
Weight: 4.600 lb (2.087 kg)
Displacement: 5.698 lb (2.584 kg)
Sails - main : 467 sqft (43.5 sq m)
-blade: 172 sqft (16.0 sq m)
-genoa: 360 sqft (33.44 sq m)
-spinn: 755 sqft (70.14 sq m)


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