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Rapid-Construction Multihulls

 D-30 Aft-Cabin Trailerable Trimaran

Trailerable cruising trimaran in developed plywood, with aft cabin, and center cockpit.
What if a 30' railerable cruising trimaran could cost a lot less than the heavily marketed folders, and perform even better?  By now, most people have noticed that the folders have to be kept "wide" when moored at a marina.  At one time, and maybe now, the folding components alone cost about as much as a compact car.  Why not build a traditional tube and wire connective tri and give your significant other the new car?

The trimarans in this line are wider overall than the same length folders, lighter, and with much bigger amas.  That means more safety and better performance.

The aft cabin is a wonderful space.  Looking out the window as the tri zooms along is an amazing experience.

Construction is the rapid CM in plywood epoxy.  The beams are discarded (or new) mast sections, with massive stainless steel wire tension members. 

A deep board and a deep kick-up rudder help it point and maneuver better than most others.

d30aft2g.gif (45857 bytes)D30AFsailg.gif (192316 bytes)D30AFPspg.gif (113385 bytes)D30AFTtopg.gif (199014 bytes)D30AFTintg.gif (87097 bytes)
Length overall: 31'-0" (9.44 m)
Length at waterline: 30'-7" (9.32 m)
Beam: 26'-4" (8.03 m)
Draft: 1'-4"/7'-10" (.4/2.4 m)
Weight: 1.950 lb (887 kg)
Displacement: 3.766 lb (1717 kg)
Sails-Main: 380 sqft. (35.3 sqm.)
Blade: 122 sqft. (11.33 sqm.)
Spinnaker: 670 sqft. (62.3 sqm.)


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Full plans:  $2250

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