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Daysailer Multihulls

16' Trimaran

A two-person, developed-plywood trimaran.
This two-person, developed-plywood trimaran has proven to be quite speedy both to built and under sail.  Again, beach cat rigs and sails can be used to get it going quickly and at low cost if you look around a bit.  Its wide overall, with skinny hulls, bit amas and light weight.  It goes.
As you see below, it was first designed in 3D then the working drawings flowed off of that model. 
These folks used the amas alone as a rowing cat while the main hull stayed home.

Finally, Gizmo.  In the lower right, Peter Walford's now legendary Gizmo.  It is a highly and continuously modified KHSD 15 tri that was an earlier model of this 16'.

 16tri-atsail.jpg (17954 bytes)16tri2g.gif (118276 bytes)16amasg.gif (149696 bytes)

16trisail.GIF (16474 bytes)16triTOP.GIF (11169 bytes)Gizmo.jpg (20199 bytes)Gizmo_3g.gif (207684 bytes)

Length overall: 15' 9" (4.8 m)
Length at waterline: 15' 6" (4.72 m)
Beam: 13' 0" (3.96 m)
Draft: 8"/3' 1" (.2/.94 m)
Weight: 390 lb (177 kg)
Sails: main: 122 sqft. (11.56 sqm)
jib: 33.5 sqft. (3 sqm)
spinnaker: 145 sqft. (13.5 sqm)
upwind total: 155.5 sqft. (14.45 sqm)


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