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Daysailor Multihulls

20' Trimaran

A very high performance two-place  trimaran.
This trimaran was first developed for the Worrell 1000 race.  The idea was to give the crew a more comfortable ride than the usual perch hiked out on the high side of a beach cat.  The very wide overall beam gives it a nearly equal righting moment to the cat. Unlike on the cat, the crew can be rested and focused during the long, wet race.  The original model was a developed plywood and core materials construction fusion.  The plans presently are for both the developed plywood/core fusion and completely composite. The composite model may be in production soon.  

The boards and rudders are out on the amas.  The original boat had a high aspect ratio pivoting centerboard.  That kept it out of conflict with the crew seats, but caused too much drag.

This is a demountable design. The black and white picture is the original unit #1.

20tri_2g.gif (33760 bytes) SPIT20SailL.GIF (15062 bytes)SPIT20ToPg.gif (7168 bytes)

20'tri_3g.gif (22214 bytes)

Length overall: 20' 0" (6.1 m)
Length at waterline: 19' 9" (17 m)
Beam: 17' 0" (5.18 m)
Draft: 10"/2' 4" (.25/.71 m)
Weight: 497 lb (225 kg)
Displacement: 906 lb (411 kg)
Sails: main: 147 sqft. (13.66 sqm)
jib: 47 sqft. (4.4 sqm)
spinnaker: 161 sqft. (14.93 sqm)
upwind total: 194 sqft. (18.0 sqm)


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