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31' DF-31 Aft-Cabin Trailerable Trimaran

Trailerable cruising trimaran in composite, aft cabin, center cockpit.

The DF31 is atrailerable cruising trimaran in composite construction, with an aft cabin, and center cockpit. The model above has the sliding tube option. The standard model has single tubes and wires. In my marina, all the folders there stay in the "out mode" all the time. So what good was paying the price of folding in 5 minutes to them? One of my clients noted that for the price of the folding parts, he could buy his family a new little Honda car. This tri has full headroom, generous room inside, and ergonomic flare in the main hull where the people need it, not where the folded amas need it. See the inside photos below. As usual, it is wider than the heavily marketed folders, with bigger amas. That gives more safety, speed and comfort.

Below,the performance sail plan is on the left and the standard sail plan is on the right.

Length overall: 31'-0" (9.44 m)
Length at waterline: 30'-7" (9.32 m)
Beam: 26'-4" (8.03 m)
Draft: 1'-4"/7'-10" (.4/2.4 m)
Weight: 1.930 lb (878 kg)
Displacement: 3.766 lb (1714 kg)
Sails - main : 380 sqft (35.3 sqm ) Performance 412 sqft (38.3 sqm )
jib : 122 sqft (11.33 sqm ) / 131 sqft (12.17 sqm )
screacher  362 sqft (33.63 sqm ) / 403 sqft (37.44 sqm )
spinnaker: 670 sqft (62.3 sqm ) / 732 sqft (68.0 sqm )


Study plans:  $100
Email Study Plans:  $50
Full plans:  $2250

All study plans are now available for email delivery at half the price of paper plans!

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