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40' Performance Trimaran for short-handed sailing



Formula 40 trimaran in composite for shorthanded extreme sailing.

This Formula 40 trimaran was created for the offshore F40 rule where they had to stay out offshore for longer races. This version is set up specifically for short-handed sailing. Vitually all operations, including reefing, can be done without leaving the cockpit.

This boat is astonishingly fast. The highest speed I have had it up to was 25 knots on the gps, on a lake. I was single handing and the sails were set badly. Someone who knew how to sail could have done much better. And notice the last picture below. Its doing about 12 knots-in no wind; not even a wavelet is showing. This tri makes folders seem like channel markers.

Down below it has a very snug double forward, as well as a head space. Amidships is a galley and seating for 4. Another snug double could be added aft.

See also: Sailing his own trimaran at 14 knots in light air!


Length overall: 39'-11" (12.16 m)
Length at waterline: 39'-9" (12.16 m)
Beam: 39'-4" 12.0 m
Draft: 1'-3"/8'-10" (0.38/2.7 m)
Weight: 3,950 lb (1,791.7 kg)
Sails - Main: 787 sqft. (73.1 sqm.)
Blade: 323 sqft. (30.0 sqm.)
Spinnaker: 925 sqft. (85.9 sqm.)
Displacement: 4,466 lb (2,025.74 kg)


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